Setting up TAC/eSchool for Home Use

If you have problems during the setup, you can call the APSCN Helpdesk at 1-800-435-7989 and they can help you in the evenings.  The Watson Chapel Tech Department does not support personal computers and devices.

Click below to access the instructions to set up TAC or eSchool at home:
APSCN F5 VPN V1.3.pdf

Below is a note from DIS regarding the new VPN setup
for access to TAC/eSchool at home:

Before  accessing the VPN  make sure the following prerequisites are met:

1.      You will need to have an Anti-Virus installed on the computer and the Anti-Virus software cannot be 60 Days past due on updates or scans. This is for security purposes.

2.      Browser and OS support will match SunGard’s requirements for eSchool access. 

*Windows 10 Update*
New features in Windows 10 presented a few roadblocks for our current VPN solution. Although there is a workable solution to provide to the customer, it is not ideal and will require a few more steps. As support for Windows 10 increase for 3rd party products, the steps for accessing the APSCN VPN through Windows 10 will reduce and require less steps. As of now, the only working and “supported” browser through the F5 VPN in Windows 10 is Firefox.

The current APSCN VPN server will be decommissioned in May of 2016 at the end of the school year. Users who are currently connecting through the “OLD” solution will need to move to the “NEW” solution. The timeline for disallowing connections through the “OLD” APSCN VPN Server will be around spring of 2016.

If you have trouble connecting through F5 VPN, make sure the prerequisites have been met. If you are still experiencing issues, please call or email the call center for assistance.

Call Center #:  800-435-7989 

Call Center email: