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Gifted and Talented (GT)

Arkansas for Gifted & Talented Education

Watson Chapel School District Gifted & Talented (GT) Program provides the following services:

All Kindergarten through second-grade classroom teachers provide whole group classroom enrichment through Talents Unlimited strategies and activities from Talents Unlimited Training (official 2-day workshop).  Whole group enrichment lessons are designed by both the Gifted and Talented specialist and classroom teacher, emphasizing creativity, problem-solving, logic, and critical thinking.  Enrichment lessons are taught to all kindergarten through second-grade students on a weekly basis.

Students that are identified as Gifted and Talented in grades three and four are provided service through a pulled out process in small groups for 150 minutes each week with a Gifted and Talented facilitator.

Students in fifth and sixth grades receive services through Honors English and/or Honors Math classes. 

Students in Grades seven through twelve participate in at least one Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) class.  AP classes are Advanced Placement classes based on college-level curriculum and textbook materials.  Students may earn both high school and college credits in these classes.

Students are identified and placed in the GATE Program after an evaluation committee has carefully analyzed their standardized test scores, teacher rating scales, and parent and/or student questionnaires.  The committee looks for evidence of an interaction of above-average intellectual ability, task commitment, and creative ability.

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