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Ready for Learning


For Immediate Release:
From:  Dr. Andy Curry, Superintendent
Regarding:  Watson Chapel School District Ready for Learning Request for Public Comment

The Watson Chapel School District (WCSD) adopted a Ready for Learning (RfL) Plan for the 2020-2021 school year in adherence to Governor Hutchinson, Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), WCSD District Teams and WCSD Board of Education recommendations. The procedures WCSD has followed since 2020-2021 have helped prevent person-to-person spread of the COVID virus among students and staff while at school. For this reason, the district will continue following ADH and DESE recommendations and the Ready for Learning Plans until further information is gathered, which transitions us to now to continue providing guidance for COVID in person precautions as determined by the WCSD Board of Education. WCSD is currently in the process of reviewing the RFL plan and seeking public comments.  The WCSD will continue updates to the developing 2021-2022 school year plan reviewing public comments.

Thank you,
Watson Chapel School District

Watson Chapel School District Ready for Learning Plan

WCSD Request for Ready for Learning Public Comments and Feedback